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About the Owner:

       Hello, my name is Anthony Sanderson and I founded Valley Hardscapes in 2016. 

My focus since then has been to build my business with integrity and to fulfill my long term goal of building monumental projects throughout our community.

       I originally moved to Kelowna in 2004 and I had lived and worked here for 4 years, during that time I found myself managing the sales and marketing department of a local asphalt maintenance company which was greatly skewed from what I had studied in college, I graduated from Cambrian College in Sudbury, ON. Where I studied Electronics & Instrumentation Technology, I was very interested in renewable energy systems and that was why I had originally decided to move to B.C., they were expected to be the first province to deregulate their electric utility for Feed In Tariff, where home and business owners could install solar panels and sell the generated electricity to the power company for a profit. That did not happen, So when Ontario moved forward with its renewable energy program I moved back to Ontario and started a business designing and installing solar systems. I did that for a few years, But it just wasn't me and I always missed British Columbia. After living in this valley, nowhere else ever felt like home, so after 8 years of being away I moved back to the Okanagan and launched Valley Hardscapes.

       I reconnected with many of my old clients and established many new ones. The first part of my plan was to develop my asphalt & concrete sealing and maintenance services. But, the problem with that type of work is that its seasonal, So in order to work year round I invested in the equipment and training needed for installing epoxy floors and polished concrete. So I could break the cycle of laying off workers at the end of the exterior services season and having to retrain new workers every spring.  As much as these protective coatings and sealant services are a necessary maintenance service, they are not always very exciting. However they are the backbone of the business and will always provide consistent work for our employees. But, my true passion is to offer something fun and unique, something where I wake up everyday and am excited to go to work.

When I was back in Ontario I went to a science center and I noticed that the animal exhibits were made of a decorative concrete that looked like real rock, which really interested me and I saw great potential to use this system to build truly monumental projects that would be unique and creative, but would inspire happiness and be enjoyed by the public, by families, members of the community and visitors, Projects that would be original and creative and have people asking how is this even possible.

The next step in the evolution of my business is to build, monumental projects, landmarks in the community, fun attractions and remarkable things. Now that I have completed the training for hand carved decorative concrete, Valley Hardscapes offers such projects as waterfalls and waterslides, climbing walls, outdoor kitchens and custom rock features. Of course because we do live in wine country, we are also offering the most remarkable wine cellars that can be imagined.

       These were the goals that I set for myself when I began my business 7 years ago and as much as I am proud of what has been achieved up till now, I am very excited about what the future will bring. 

Thank-you for your interest in my company, I look forward to working with you.



Why Choose Valley Hardscapes

Local Business

est. 2016 in West Kelowna

Skilled Staff

Fully trained and accredited installers

Free Estimates

Absolutely no charge for a site visit or quote


A happy client is a return client !

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