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Asphalt Sealcoating

At Valley Hardscapes we believe that there is no such thing as one miracle sealer, there is not one product that will work on all driveways or parking lots. Every surface is unique and may require different applications. We offer BOTH solvent based and water based sealers to best suit the needs of our clients. To find out which sealer would be best for your asphalt surface and why ?, 

Contact Valley Hardscapes today.


Hot Pour Crack Filling

Valley Hardscapes uses top quality, extremely pliable crack filling rubber that keeps cracks sealed and protected against water & frost damage. While no crack filler is permanent, the hot pour product that we use is a much longer lasting, more durable product. Hot Rubber has the ability to fill deeper, larger cracks than the cold pour products.

(Not to say that we never uses cold pour crack filler, They do serve a purpose for certain applications.)

crack filling

Line Striping & Symbol Painting

Over time paint fades and parking areas need to be re-striped & stenciled.

To maintain clarity, safety and access for drivers. Valley Hardscapes offers Line & Symbol Painting services to suit our clients needs.

To re-touch or customize your parking lot, meet with one of our estimators to see how Valley Hardscapes can help.

line painting

Sports Courts

Sports court surfaces, like all surfaces, wear over time and need to be restored.

Valley Hardscapes offers a wide range of colours and surface options to best suit our clients court restoration requirements. If you would like to learn more about our tennis court restoration services, Contact Valley Hardscapes today !

tennis courts

Concrete Clear Coating

Restore the look of your concrete surfaces and keep them looking good for years to come. Regular sealing of concrete will protect it from wear and damage due to salts or spills. First we thoroughly pressure wash the concrete and do any necessary repairs, then come bright and early the next morning to apply the sealer. We also offer discount pricing through our client maintenance program.

concrete sealing
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